Frequently Asked Questions

No – Safewash has NONE of the ingredients that come under The Pesticides Control Services.

No. As we do not make claims like “kill Algae” then the safer alternative outdoor cleaner does not come under regulations that are there to help protect us and the environment.


No – Safewash is Non-Systemic and it will not contaminate the soil. Tests carried out show when instructions are followed Safewash does not kill plants. Although some very delicate flower petals may discolour if sprayed.

Yes  – if Safewash is applied as per instructions then there will be no harmful effects.

Yes. When used as recommended Safewash is not a danger to mammals, or indeed any animals. And of course neither Sodium hypochlorite or “biocides” would be allowed.

No. Although the organic solution highly concentrated, Safewash can be used by those that have not undertaken training.

No, there is no need for specialist protective equipment – eye glasses only.

Yes, simply rinse out as other non-hazardous waste. High strength biocide containers can, if put into recycle system, contaminate what ever they come into contact with, thus ‘spoiling’ regular materials. Most suppliers recognise this and urge users to ‘triple rinse, puncture and treat as hazardous waste’. In fact, in the same size 5 litre or more, highly concentrated biocide containers can only be couriered by a ‘HAZ CHEM’ licence.

Our environmental policy takes into account use of plastic. As (sadly) not everyone recycles, we do our bit to help save the planet and oceans by distributing Safewash in z concentrated form. We could give customers “perceived value” by distributing/selling in much weaker concentration, however that would mean more plastic potentially not ‘all’ being recycled. It is our belief that the type of customer that would choose such an environmentally friendly and safer solution would indeed be more likely to recycle.

No, the blend is what makes Safewash so effective. Safewash also lacks the acidity of commercial citric acid, and all of the ingredients are organic as opposed to synthetic surfactants.

Safewash – Multipurpose outdoor cleaner is available throughout the mainland UK from Safewash UK Ltd. Unit 4 Barons Court, Graceways, Blackpool, FY4 5GP Tel: 01772 849910 Email: